Can I trust you?

Everyone asks themselves this question and looks for clues to answer it. The thing is, very few answer the ‘trustworthy’ question based on your policies or your advertising. People watch what you do and look at what you’ve done but... Read More

Going with your gut

Intuition (In-tu-i-tion): Noun1. Immediate apprehension – immediate intuitive awareness, sensation, apprehension Intuition – instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes or the interference of reason, proof or evidence). The meaning of the word is that we know or understand something instinctively, without... Read More

Loyalty Vs. Royalty

If you want to sell more, sell less. Loyalty is much more real, and much more likely to last a lifetime, if it’s earnt and built through lots of small, real, human connections and consistent service. Loyalty can’t be begged... Read More